God’s Presence in Israel and Incarnation: A Christian-Jewish Dialogue

Henrix, Hans-Hermann / Kessler, Eduard | 30.06.2008

A theological exchange between a Catholic and a Jewish theologian on the understanding of incarnation. … [more]

First to the Jews and also to the Greeks:'
A Clearing through the Letter to the Romans

Wengst, Klaus | 31.05.2008

Before his experience of being called, Paul had been provoked to persecute those of his compatriots who believed in Jesus as Messiah. As a consequence he could interpret his experience at Damascus only as a calling to be an 'apostle to the nations.' In turn, this resulted for him in his pondering the problem of the relationship of the nations with the God of Israel and therefore also with the people of Israel. … [more]

Themes in Post-Nostra Aetate Catholic Ecclesial Documents

Cunningham, Philip A. | 31.05.2008

Since Nostra Aetate Vatican commissions, national conferences of Catholic bishops, and Pope John Paul II issued numerous statements concerning Christian-Jewish relations. Although only partially internalized among Catholics worldwide, these documents have developed over four decades into a complex system of interlocking ideas that becomes difficult to chart even when restricted to only Vatican materials. It is no exaggeration to suggest that these texts, together with their counterparts in other Christian communities, represent an unprecedented Christian affirmation of Judaism’s positive theological significance for the church — a constructive endeavor that has not been seriously pursued since New Testament times. … [more]

Of What Concern is the State of Israel to Christians?

Wengst, Klaus | 30.04.2008

Theological Approaches to a Difficult Subject … [more]

Paul and Gender: Three Jewish Perspectives

Langton, Daniel R. | 31.03.2008

The three writers featured here are prepared to reassess Paul. As such, their studies represent significant contributions to both Jewish-Christian dialogue and intra-Jewish identity politics. … [more]

Modern Jewish Views of Jesus

Pawlikowski, John T. | 31.01.2008

Within the last century a small number of Jewish scholars have taken a new approach to the Jesus question but now in more cooperation and dialogue with Christian scholars than ever before. … [more]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Struggle for Christian-Jewish Reconciliation

Moses, John | 31.08.2007

John Moses, an Australian scholar of modern German history, traces the development of German Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer's views on the Jews and Judaism. … [more]

Leo Baeck's Criticism of Martin Luther and its Purpose in a Search for Jewish Identity

Homolka, Walter | 31.01.2007

Rabbi Walter Homolka, principal of the Abraham Geiger College at the University of Potsdam, Germany, examines how Leo Baeck’s analysis of Luther relates to his basic distinction between “romantic” and “classical” types of religion, and discusses Baeck’s significance for the current Jewish-Christian dialogue. … [more]

Humility: The Ethic of Faith

Joseph, Rabbi Howard S. | 30.11.2006

Rabbi Howard S. Joseph of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Montreal, explores the implications of the virtue of humility for one's attitude toward other faiths. … [more]

Stars in the Night:  Abraham Geiger and Leo Baeck as Precursors of Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Lehmann, Karl Cardinal | 31.10.2006

Karl Cardinal Lehmann, President of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference, reviews recent developments in the Christian-Jewish dialogue and explores its indebtedness to two leading figures in Reform Judaism in Germany, Abraham Geiger and Leo Baeck. … [more]