Attitudes in West German Protetantism towards the State of Israel 1948-1967

Gerhard Gronauer | 30.09.2013

In this study the author presents Protestant individuals, groups, committees, and print media who, between 1948 and 1972, dealt with the significance of the State of Israel in theological (do Jews have a biblical right to the land?), moral (as a result of the Shoah, how much solidarity with Israel is required?), and political perspective (what consequences do these implications have for an evaluation of the Middle East conflict?).* … [more]

Church of Scotland Shreds Bible

Malcolm Lowe | 01.07.2013

The Kirk has committed theological suicide in order to promote political inanities. The former Church of Scotland is defunct; the Church of Latter Day Scots has taken over the premises. … [more]

Personal Reflections on the Role of the Secular Academy in Inter-Faith Dialogue

Philip Alexander * | 03.03.2013

Has the secular academy a role to play in inter-faith dialogue? For me this is a very personal question. A few years ago I retired as a professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester. It was the end of an academic career spanning thirty-eight years in two major British universities (Oxford was the other one) – a career dedicated to teaching, research, and publication in the field of religion. … [more]

Nostra Aetate – 50 years on

Edward Kessler | 31.12.2012

Nostra Aetate, published on 28th October 1965 towards the end of the Second Vatican Council, helped transform Jewish-Christian relations. Pope John XXIII had already received wide attention a year earlier for publicly greeting Jewish visitors with the words, “I am Joseph your brother”. … [more]

Gary Burge: Not Sent by Heaven

Malcolm Lowe | 01.12.2012

One wonders whether Wheaton College believes that such programs befit a respectable teaching institution…. Burge's comparison of himself with Jesus is preposterous and absurd. … [more]

Theological Questions and Perspectives in Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Cardinal Kurt Koch | 30.11.2012

The following remarks, with a few minor refinements made later, were delivered at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ as its eighteenth Annual Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher Memorial Lecture and also as the keynote address for the tenth annual meeting of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (CCJR). … [more]

Jewish-Christian Dialogue in the Non-Western World

Pui-Lan KWOK | 31.10.2012


“Blessing for Each Other”

Gérald Caron | 30.09.2012

It was not long ago that a multiplicity of events were planned to celebrate the fortieth year anniversary of Vatican II Declaration Nostra Aetate, more particularly its section 4 on the Relations with the Jews and Judaism. On that occasion, it became almost commonplace to hear about not only what had been achieved (mind-boggling in many respects) during those 40 years since the Council declaration, but also what still needed to be done to strengthen good and solid relations between Catholics and Jews. … [more]

Seeking Understanding to Enable Constructive Dialogue

Jesper Svartvik | 30.09.2012

In October 2011, the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) invited a number of Christians to a meeting in Beit Jala, situated not far from Bethlehem. Two Jewish observers were also invited and contributed to the discussion. I had been asked to present a few reflections on Christian discourse about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. … [more]

The Raheb-Herzog Affair

Malcolm Lowe | 04.05.2012

When the German concern Media Control announced the four winners of its 2011 German Media Prize (Deutscher Medienpreis) on January 13, 2012, the choice of the fourth, Lutheran Pastor Mitri Raheb of Bethlehem, provoked a storm of hundreds of protests. … [more]