The ICCJ expresses deep concern to the Vatican regarding Syrian President Assad's vilification of Jews


Referring to the recent anti-Jewish polemic of Syria's President Assad during the Pope's visit to Syria, the ICCJ's General Secretary Rev. Friedhelm Pieper wrote to Cardinal Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity with its Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, the following letter of concern … [more]

ICCJ criticizes International Fides Services News Release on Israel


Statement … [more]

ICCJ response to a disquieting Easter message from Jerusalem

Rev. Friedhelm Pieper, General Secretary, International Council of Christians and Jews | 19.04.2001

Letter to Dr Naim Ateek in his capacity as President of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem … [more]

German Federal President Dr Johannes Rau honoured by the International Council of Christians and Jews


The Gold Medallion "Peace Through Dialogue" was presented to German Federal President Dr Johannes Rau by the ICCJ. … [more]

Religous leaders at Davos face up to globalization challenge

International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) | 30.01.2001

World religious and spiritual leaders, including senior representatives of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths, meeting here at the invitation of the World Economic Forum, have agreed to seek the creation of a framework integrating leaders of religion, business, politics and civil society to help tackle "both opportunities and perils" offered by globalisation. … [more]

The Power of Words: A Catholic Response to 'Dabru Emet'.

National Conference of Catholic Bishops | 30.10.2000

Catholic leaders in the United States have issued a letter of appreciation for the recently published Dabru Emet: a Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity. … [more]

News Release in answer to Pope John Paul II Universal Prayer and other Roman Catholic Statements. March 13, 2000

Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding | 12.03.2000

The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding (CCJU) of Sacred Heart University deeply appreciates the efforts of Pope John Paul II to promote interreligious dialogue and especially supports his most recent unprecedented gesture of reconciliation and friendship, offered yesterday, March 12, 2000. … [more]

Living in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences - Exposing Palestinian and Israeli Students to Each Other's Religions

Schoneveld, Jacobus | 02.12.1999

An Israeli and a Palestinian educational agency – the Israeli "Center for Educational Technology" in Tel Aviv and the Palestinian "NOOR Information and Research Center" in Ramallah — have launched a joint innovative educational program designed to promote understanding between Israelis and Palestinians by making high school students acquainted with each other"s religions . … [more]

Statement on Religious Symbols at Birkenau


The recent decision to move religious symbols from the Birkenau death camp in Poland to appropriate religious institutions represents an important and promising breakthrough in Polish-Jewish relations. … [more]

Jewish 'convent children' thanking their Christian saviors

Pyrich, Elzbieta | 20.09.1997

An Israeli kibbutz convention has reunited Jewish children saved from the Holocaust with the nuns who protected them. … [more]