Christians and Jews Discuss Views of Afterlife


At a recent dialogue in Montana (U.S.A.), more than 70 Jews and Christians gathered at Bethel Lutheran Church in Great Falls to discuss 'Jewish and Christian Views of the Afterlife.' … [more]

European Lutheran Leaders in Christian-Jewish Dialogue Meet in U.S.A.


Fourteen persons working in the field of Christian-Jewish relations in Lutheran church bodies in 11 European countries met with representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as well as Jewish scholars and leaders in Allentown, PA and New York City May 2-6 for discussion and dialogue on mutual concerns. … [more]

Cardinal Husar of Ukraine Condemns Desecration of Kiev Synagogue


Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, addressed the citizens of Ukraine concerning the attack on the Brodsky Central Synagogue in Kiev on 13 April 2002. The text of the address, released by the cardinal's press service on 15 April 2002, follows. … [more]

Statement of Anglican Primates on the Middle East


We, the Primates of the Anglican Communion representing 75,000,000 Anglican Christians in 164 countries of the world, gathered in Canterbury, have taken counsel following a message concerning the escalating conflict in Israel/Palestine … [more]

Statement Regarding the Current Escalation of the Middle East Conflict

German Coordinating Council of Societies for Christian-Jewish Cooperation | 12.04.2002

Faced with the increasingly intensifying conflict in the Middle East, we say to the general public as well as the political and social leaders of our country: our solidarity is with the State of Israel as the Jewish national home; at the same time we understand the right of the Palestinian people to their own state. … [more]

Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge, England


The Centre is pleased to announce bursaries (scholarships) for study in Jewish-Christian Relations. … [more]

U.S. Scholars Group on Jewish-Christian Relations Affiliates with Boston College


The Christians Scholars Group, an organization of twenty-two U.S. scholars whose work deals with biblical, theological, historical, and contemporary aspects of Christian-Jewish relations, is affiliating with the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College. … [more]

New Jewish Museum to be Built in Warsaw


The Polish prime minister, Leszek Miller, announced the creation of a Jewish Museum in Warsaw … [more]

European Religious Leaders Meeting in Paris  


A two-day meeting was held in Paris on 28-29 January, 2002, to review the progress in Catholic-Jewish relations since the Second Vatican Council. … [more]

Antisemitic Incidents in Moscow


The Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union protested the dissemination of anti-Semitic materials in Moscow, Russia. … [more]