Beware of well-meaning Hypocrisy

Marmur, Dow | 03.01.2009

In view of my general predisposition, I’m on the mailing list of several Jewish organizations on the Left. Some of them have been urging me to sign petitions in response to Israel’s present action in Gaza. I’ve refused. For though I too abhor violence in any form, I don’t know what else Israel should, or could, have done in order to protect its citizen from the shelling of towns and settlements in the south of the country. … [more]

Hallowed be Thy Name'

Voll, Fritz | 14.08.2008

The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments requests that the Tetragrammaton YHWH used in worship not be written or spoken as 'Jahweh.' Repentance for Christian anti-Judaism and theological insights from Christian-Jewish dialogue demand the editing of Bible translations and hymns used in worship. … [more]

Reviving the Dialogue:
The Church can do more to Promote Catholic-Jewish Relations

Pawlikowski, John T. | 01.07.2008

For the past several years, there has been growing concern within circles of the Catholic-Jewish dialogue that stagnation is beginning to set in regarding this dialogue, particularly at the institutional level.


On Passover and Peace

Lionel Traubman | 08.04.2008

I am a pediatric dentist. I know something about "root cause." ... When I look for answers to "impossible" problems with "irreconcilable" differences, like Israeli-Arab conflicts, I go deeper -- to religion, to the root source of my tradition of wisdom. … [more]

Small Decencies

Schwartz, Mimi | 01.04.2008

A story adapted from the author's most recent book, Good Neighbors, Bad Times - Echoes of My Father’s German Village, University of Nebraska Press, March 2008.


Christian Zionism from a Perspective of Jewish-Christian Relations

Pettit, Peter A. | 01.03.2008

In classical Christian anti-Judaism a distorted view of Judaism is pressed into the service of a Christian Heilsgeschichte narrative. It is ironic to find the same dynamics undergirding the present-day surge of Christian Zionism, which gives reason for profound concern by both Jews and Christians, while also encouraging the Christian community to take a crucial step forward in a partnership to Jews and Israel that is free of such distortions. … [more]

Learning From Each Other ? Reflections of a Jew

Rosen, David | 11.11.2007

Some general comments on “learning from the other” religious tradition/s and addressing the specific aspect what Jews may learn from Christians. … [more]

Healing Rifts Between Religions

Apple, Rabbi Raymond | 01.10.2007

In his keynote address to the July 8-11, 2007 International Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews held in Sydney, Australia, Rabbi Raymond Apple, former Chief Rabbi of the Great Synagogue, Sydney, surveys various views of interreligious relations and offers his own prescription for 'healing rifts between religions. … [more]

In Support of Jewish-Christian Dialogue: A Reply to Edward Kessler

Cantalamessa, Raniero | 01.06.2007

Father Raniero Cantalamessa, a Franciscan Capuchin priest who is Preacher to the Papal Household, replies to the article by Edward Kessler, A Deafening Silence. … [more]

A Deafening Silence

Kessler, Edward | 01.05.2007

Some observations on recent developments in Catholic-Jewish relations by Edward Kessler, Director of the Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge, England, and a member of the Editorial Staff of … [more]