Talking through walls in NYC

Daniel Tutt | 30.09.2010

Washington, DC - This year, on the ninth anniversary of the 11 September attacks, many Americans were scared that violence would ensue as a result of a planned Qur'an burning and the controversy over an Islamic cultural centre, Park51, in lower Manhattan. Thankfully, the day came and went with no major eruptions of hostility. … [more]

Bishops meeting Rabbis

Hubert Frankemoelle | 31.03.2010

Since 2006 representatives of the Catholic Bishops' Conference and the Protestant Church of Germany have met annually with representatives of the two Rabbinical Conferences of Germany. These discussions have proved useful and have helped to continue the dialogue between Jews and Christians, despite some irritations in recent years. Soon the representatives will meet in Augsburg for a fifth round of talks. [more]

2009 - An Eventful Year of Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Rutishauser SJ, Christian M. | 31.12.2009

In 2009 the Jewish-Christian dialogue was severely disturbed and repeatedly beset by various irritations, not least by the topic of missionizing the Jews. CHRISTIAN M. RUTISHAUSER, head of the department education in Lassalle Haus in Bad Schönbrunn (Switzerland), takes stock against the background of The Twelve Points of Berlin of the International Council of Christians and Jews and the pope"s journey to the Holy Land.[more]

I am liberated by the God of Israel

Marquardt, Friedrich Wilhelm | 30.09.2009

I turned sixteen in early December 1944 and my school class had already shrunk, the oldest one of us already killed in action. During our last school trip he had his call-up papers in his pocket. Our Latin teacher commented ironically: “ Well, Otto, soon you will be getting the Iron Cross.” I never forgot Otto’s answer: ”No Sir, a cross of birch.” … [more]

(Translated) Speech at the closing dinner of the ICCJ Annual Conference in Berlin, on Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Minister of State Hermann Gröhe | 31.08.2009

Dr Weissmann,
Rabbi Brandt,
Participants in the ICCJ Annual Conference,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Day of Judaism in the Churches of Europe

Violetta Reder | 01.05.2009

In 2009, the Catholic Church in Poland celebrated her 12th Day of Judaism, the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Austria organized the 10th Day of Judaism, while the Catholics in the Netherlands exulted in their 2nd Day of Judaism. An overview. … [more]

Pesach in Israel

Marmur, Dow | 09.04.2009

A radio discussion this Monday morning in anticipation of Pesach: a woman suggested that Israelis are still enslaved because Tel Aviv University recently provided a platform for an Islamist to express strong anti-Zionist views. Had we been truly free we wouldn’t allow him to speak. … [more]

Beware of well-meaning Hypocrisy

Marmur, Dow | 02.01.2009

In view of my general predisposition, I’m on the mailing list of several Jewish organizations on the Left. Some of them have been urging me to sign petitions in response to Israel’s present action in Gaza. I’ve refused. For though I too abhor violence in any form, I don’t know what else Israel should, or could, have done in order to protect its citizen from the shelling of towns and settlements in the south of the country. … [more]

Hallowed be Thy Name'

Voll, Fritz | 13.08.2008

The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments requests that the Tetragrammaton YHWH used in worship not be written or spoken as 'Jahweh.' Repentance for Christian anti-Judaism and theological insights from Christian-Jewish dialogue demand the editing of Bible translations and hymns used in worship. … [more]

Reviving the Dialogue:
The Church can do more to Promote Catholic-Jewish Relations

Pawlikowski, John T. | 30.06.2008

For the past several years, there has been growing concern within circles of the Catholic-Jewish dialogue that stagnation is beginning to set in regarding this dialogue, particularly at the institutional level.