Sicut Judaeis' and beyond - The Popes and the Jewish People

Levy, David J.

Thank God, Jews no longer need Papal protection. But was Pope John Paul II’s statement on October 31,1997, nevertheless, simply another in the long history of ineffective Papal statements? … [more]

Response to the Statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Levy, David J.

The document is a milestone in Canadian Christian-Jewish relations. The question has now become: Where do Jews and Lutheran Christians go from here? … [more]

Should Christians celebrate the Seder?

Marmur, Dow

...sharing in each other's festive times, rather than imitating them, is a way of forging close bonds. … [more]

Recognising Our Brothers and Sisters

Palmieri-Billig, Lisa

Much has been achieved between Catholics and Jews but Lisa Palmieri-Billig of the Anti-Defamation League finds there are still issues where they have to 'agree to disagree'. … [more]

Developments in the liturgy of Holy Week

Pawlikowski, John

After our celebration of Holy Week, do we feel a new sense of linkage to Judaism and the Jewish people, or have classical attitudes been once more reaffirmed? … [more]

Some Perspectives on the Current Situation In Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Pawlikowski, John T.

A personal statement by Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D., who is Professor of Social Ethics at the Cardinal Bernardin Center, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, and Vice President of the International Council of Christians & Jews. … [more]

Interfaith Among People with Developmental Disabilities

Porter, Beth

L'Arche Daybreak: An Example of Interfaith. Pastoral support of a representational Jewish adult with a developmental disability in a predominantly Christian setting, including Bat Mitzvah preparation and celebration, and the resulting growth in self-esteem. The article urges recognition of the gift of people with disabilities to bring together others of varied religious traditions in mutual appreciation and friendship. … [more]

How Dialogue with Jews has transformed the Holy Week Liturgy

Radcliffe, Albert

Canon Albert Radcliffe from Manchester Cathedral offers an Anglican view of progress in freeing the liturgy from anti-Judaism. … [more]

From the Night of the Pogrom to the Final Solution: Experiences and Lessons

Riegner, Gerhart M.

The former Secretary General of the World Jewish Congress gives a personal account of the developing Nazi terror against the Jews and of his role in warning the Allied powers about plans for the annihilation of European Jewry. … [more]

Teaching Tolerance

Romain, Jonathan

Rabbi Dr. Romain came in for a few shocks when visiting schools in Berkshire and giving talks on Judaism as part of the Religious Education course ... … [more]