Paul is too Jewish for some, too anti-Jewish for others

Apple, Raymond

Rabbi Raymond Apple offers a Jewish perspective on the Australian study document 'Re-Reading Paul.' … [more]

Christian-Jewish Relations: A Jewish Perspective

Apple, Raymond

The Jewish part of a two-part contribution. … [more]

Beyond Tolerance

Bodendorfer, Gerhard

Christian-Jewish Dialogue in the next millennium. The 50th anniversary of the State of Israel - what kind of commemoration is possible? Remembrance as a first step to dialogue. The process of turning over a new leaf must be visible. Tolerance is a misleading concept in interreligious dialogue. … [more]

Paul the Jew

Byrne, Brendan S.J.

Brendan Byrne, S.J., of the Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne, offers reflections on the study document 'Re-Reading Paul' issued by the Council of Christians and Jews, Victoria, Australia. … [more]

Christian-Jewish Relations: A Christian Perspective

Crow, Archie

The Christian part of a two-part contribution. … [more]

Judaism and Christianity: A Creative Tension

Davies, Alan T.

The special character and imperative of the Christian-Jewish encounter in this new age of religious pluralism. … [more]

Christian-Jewish Relations 1989-1993

Fisher, Eugene J.

A Bibliographic Update. A comprehensive round-up and evaluation of virtually all relevant current books dealing with Jewish-Christian relations. … [more]

Christian-Jewish Relations Update 1995-1999

Fisher, Eugene J.

A listing of major events in international and U.S. Christian-Jewish relations over the last three years, most of them of special significance for Catholic-Jewish relations. … [more]

Catholics and Jews Confront the Holocaust and Each Other

Fisher, Eugene J.

Any discussion of the current controversies between Catholics and Jews over issues related to the Shoah must be set within the much larger context of the astounding progress in Catholic-Jewish relations in the final third of the 20th century. … [more]

The Dual Torah of Judaism

Forgasz, Paul

From antiquity until the present day, Judaism has looked to not only the Pentateuch nor even to the entire body of the Hebrew Bible. Its canon encompasses a wide range of sacred texts that refer to the Pentateuch as the Written Torah (Torah She'Bichtav) and also speak of a Torah that is not written but formulated and preserved in memory.' … [more]