The Jewish-Christian Ethical Commitment

Ucko, Hans

Address by Dr. Hans Ucko (World Council of Churches, Geneva) at the 2001 International Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews, Montevideo, Uruguay, July 8-11, 200l. … [more]

A Short Review of a Troubled History

Voll, Fritz

Antisemitic incidents throughout 2,000 years of the history of the 'Christian' world. A short overview … [more]

The Trial and Death of Jesus

Waller, Louis

A Jewish perspective. Prof. Waller is the Sir Leo Cussen Chair of Law, Monash University. … [more]

I Believe

Waller, Louis

The Jewish part of a two-part symposium. The Christian Part. … [more]

Jewish-Christian Glossary

Voll, Fritz

A glossary of terms used in the Christian-Jewish dialogue … [more]

Short Introductions to the World Religions One-page introductions to the history and major teachings of 9 world religions

Voll, Fritz

These are short introductions to some religions. They were developed for United Church of Canada study groups to provide some information before visiting places of worship or meeting with people of other faith traditions. … [more]

Anti-Judaism in Christian Art. Some examples of anti-Judaic Christian art. Ecclesia and Synagoga

Voll, Fritz

Some examples of anti-Judaic Christian art. Ecclesia and Synagoga … [more]

Materials for Shoah/Holocaust Education in churches and groups

Annual Holcaust Education Week, Toronto

Some videos … [more]

Celebrating Christian-Jewish Relations

The United Church of Canada

A Service of Christian Worship. Celebrating Christian-Jewish Relations.
A Liturgy. … [more]

Christians in Solidarity with Jews on Yom Kippur:

Canadian Christian-Jewish Consultation

A Liturgy of Prayer for Use in Christian Churches … [more]