The Second Temple at the Time of Jesus

Cohney, Shelley | 12.02.2003

A short description of the Second Temple that was destroyed in 70 CE. … [more]

The God of My Parents - the God of My Children

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

A chapter from Rabbi Dow Marmur's book: On Being a Jew: A Reform Perspective. Toronto, ON: Holy Blossom Temple, 1994. Judaism: A Source of Wisdom, a Sense of History, an Ability to feel Pain, Community, God, Testimony, Hope. … [more]

Judaism After the Holocaust

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

An argument against Fackenheim's commandment of (mere) survival. Judaism defined in a triangle of Faith, People and Land. … [more]

Israel and the Diaspora

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

"The nature of the land of Israel and its possession by the people of Israel is a fundamental preoccupation of the Torah. Therefore, it is also central to our understanding of our relationship to the State of Israel." … [more]

New Directions for Zionism

Marmur, Dow | 12.02.2003

Hope, power and justice form the second triangle which together with the first (see article "Judaism after the Holocaust") - faith, people and land - form the Magen David (Shield of David). … [more]

Risks in Interfaith Dialogue

Magonet, Jonathan | 12.02.2003

Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Magonet considers the sensitivities and sacrifices necessary for real understanding and progress between faith communities. … [more]

Prayers for Peace in the Middle East

U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East | 31.01.2003

A selection of prayers for peace in the Middle East by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders, plus selections on the imperative for peace from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic sacred texts. … [more]

Talking Points - Topics in Christian-Jewish Relations

Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Jewish Relations, Evangelical Lut | 28.11.2002

A series of 8 pages with user's guide and questions for discussion … [more]

Kristallnacht - "Night of Broken Glass" 9-10 November 1938. A Brief Remembrance

Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding of Muhlenberg Colle | 11.11.2002

A text prepared by the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding of Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.). It may be appropriate for inclusion in a liturgy or other form of remembrance of Kristallnacht. … [more]

Nationalism and Religious Fundamentalism in the Secularized Modern Society

Rosen, David | 31.01.2002

The relationship between nationhood and religion is central to the world outlook of the Hebrew Bible. The focus of covenantal history is the relationship between God and a people, the goal of which is the religio-ethical enlightenment of all peoples - all humankind. … [more]