Jerusalem: the city of two peaces

Lewis Gropp* | 31.01.2010

Jerusalem is a central point of reference for the three great monotheist faiths. King David made the city the political and religious capital of Israel, creating a centre for Judaism within and beyond the region. Jerusalem is a holy city for Christians as the place of Jesus of Nazareth's teaching, crucifixion and resurrection. It was here too that the first community of early Christians proclaimed their religion. And for Muslims, the city is traditionally the third most holy in Islam after Mecca and Medina. Before they prayed facing the Kaaba in Mecca, the most sacred site for Muslims, they directed their prayers towards Jerusalem. … [more]

And the Rat Laughed


And the Rat Laughed is a unique book. Unlike other Holocaust-related books that focus on the historical horrific events, this novel deals with the act of remembering them. It resembles a relay race in which the characters transfer memory from one another, while traveling on the axis of time. … [more]

Bad People. Anti-Semitism in South America -- widespread and rarely explored

Klaus Hart | 02.01.2009

Anti-Semitism in South Amerika is an area that is still not sufficiently researched. All the more welcome is a recently published Brazilian anthology that describes the phenomenon in its frightening dimensions, mainly in Latin America. … [more]

Salmon, Marilyn J., Preaching without Contempt:
Overcoming Unintended Anti-Judaism

James Rowe Adams | 31.03.2008

James Rowe Adams,TCPC Founder and Honorary Advisor
Fortress Press, paperback, 183 pages … [more]

Aitken, James K., Kessler, Edward, Challenges in Jewish-Christian Relations

McGarry, Michael B. C.S.P. | 31.08.2007


Judaism Open to the Religions of the Nations: A Polish Catholic Theologian Reads an American Jewish Pluralist

Sikora, Piotr | 31.03.2007

Book review of: Harold Kasimow, The Search Will Make You Free: A Jewish Dialogue with World Religions. … [more]

Boys, Mary C., Lee, Sara S., Christians and Jews in Dialogue: Learning in the Presence of the Other

Sherman, Franklin | 28.02.2007


Kessler, Edward and Neil Wenborn, eds., A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations


A review of the new reference work on the history and contemporary realities of the Christian-Jewish encounter, with some 700 articles by more than 100 Jewish and Christian scholars from 14 countries. … [more]

Preaching the Gospel Without Blaming the Jews
A Lectionary Commentary

Allen,  Ronald J. and Williamson, Clark M. | 31.12.2004


Greenberg, Irving, For the Sake of Heaven and Earth
The New Encounter between Judaism and Christianity

Sherman, Franklin | 30.11.2004

Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2004, 274 pp. … [more]