And the Rat Laughed


And the Rat Laughed is a unique book. Unlike other Holocaust-related books that focus on the historical horrific events, this novel deals with the act of remembering them. It resembles a relay race in which the characters transfer memory from one another, while traveling on the axis of time. … [more]

Bad People. Anti-Semitism in South America -- widespread and rarely explored

Klaus Hart | 02.01.2009

Anti-Semitism in South Amerika is an area that is still not sufficiently researched. All the more welcome is a recently published Brazilian anthology that describes the phenomenon in its frightening dimensions, mainly in Latin America. … [more]

Salmon, Marilyn J., Preaching without Contempt:
Overcoming Unintended Anti-Judaism

James Rowe Adams | 31.03.2008

James Rowe Adams,TCPC Founder and Honorary Advisor
Fortress Press, paperback, 183 pages … [more]

Aitken, James K., Kessler, Edward, Challenges in Jewish-Christian Relations

McGarry, Michael B. C.S.P. | 31.08.2007


Judaism Open to the Religions of the Nations: A Polish Catholic Theologian Reads an American Jewish Pluralist

Sikora, Piotr | 31.03.2007

Book review of: Harold Kasimow, The Search Will Make You Free: A Jewish Dialogue with World Religions. … [more]

Boys, Mary C., Lee, Sara S., Christians and Jews in Dialogue: Learning in the Presence of the Other

Sherman, Franklin | 28.02.2007


Kessler, Edward and Neil Wenborn, eds., A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations


A review of the new reference work on the history and contemporary realities of the Christian-Jewish encounter, with some 700 articles by more than 100 Jewish and Christian scholars from 14 countries. … [more]

Preaching the Gospel Without Blaming the Jews
A Lectionary Commentary

Allen,  Ronald J. and Williamson, Clark M. | 31.12.2004


Greenberg, Irving, For the Sake of Heaven and Earth
The New Encounter between Judaism and Christianity

Sherman, Franklin | 30.11.2004

Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2004, 274 pp. … [more]

Aumann, Moshe, Conflict and Connection: The Jewish-Christian-Israel Triangle

Muller, Alfred | 31.01.2004

Moshe Aumann, Conflict and Connection: The Jewish-Christian-Israel Triangle New York/Jerusalem, Gefen Publishing House, 2003. 292 pp. … [more]