New texts:


- Raphael Jospe: Jewish Views of Christianity: Some Reflections. Article
- Ron Kronish: Combatting hate crimes with a Jewish humanistic response. Article
- Liliane Apotheker: Back from Lund. Impressions of the 2019 Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews. Report
- American Jewish Comittee: IJCIC, Representing World Jewry in Interreligious Dialogue, Elects Rabbi Noam Marans as Chair. Report
- Forum for Dialogue:Shared Heritage program for Polish Christian Leadership. Report
- Religions for Peace: Declaration of the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace. Statement
- Heidi M. Ravven: Spinoza’s Challenge to Jewish Thought. Book review

JULY 2019:

- Raphael Jospe: Regina Coeli: A Jewish Source? Article
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Christianity and Judaism: a heightened friendship challenged by the return of anti-Semitism and ignorance. Article
- Pietro Parolin: Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the State of Israel and the Holy See. Report
- World Council of Churches: WCC, IJCIC agree to restore formal relations, strengthen communication.Report
- Pope Francis: A theology of welcoming and dialogue. Statement
- Shaul Magid: Judaism: The Genealogy of a Modern Notion. Book review

JUNI 2019:

- Barbara U. Meyer: Structures of Violence and the Denigration of Law in Christian Thought. Article
- Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee: People, Ideas and Boundaries on the Move. Report
- Deborah Weissman: Sharing Tragedy Can Bring Hope. Report
- Polish Council of Christians and Jews: Statement on recent alarming incidents in Poland. Report
- Pope Francis: "Jesus and the Pharisees: An Interdisciplinary Reappraisal". Report
- Robert Erlewine: Martin Buber: A Life of Faith and Dissent. Book review

Jewish Views of Christianity: Some Reflections

Raphael Jospe* | 01.09.2019

Much has been written in recent years on Jewish-Christian relations, including developments in Jewish attitudes towards Christianity. ... [more]

De l’apologétique à la confiance en soi. Une nouvelle forme de dialogue interreligieux

Rabbin Ute Steyer | 01.09.2019

Intervention lors de la séance d’ouverture de la conférence de l’ICCJ, le dimanche 30 juin 2019, à la Cathédrale de Lund (Suède). ... [more]


Combatting hate crimes with a Jewish humanistic response

Ron Kronish | 01.09.2019

Last week, I visited an injured Israeli Muslim bus driver in the town of Abu Gosh, just west of Jerusalem. Abu Gosh is a friendly Israeli Arab town, which has many wonderful restaurants visited by secular Israelis on Shabbat and holidays, and which runs two great music festivals a year. Many of the people whom I have known for years in Abu Gosh are actively involved in the Association for the Promotion of Tolerance and Coexistence in the Judean Hills, a non-profit organization in the area. … [more]

"Lehre trennt, Dienst eint"

Frank-Walter Steinmeier | 01.09.2019

Eröffnungsansprache von Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier bei der 10. Weltversammlung von Religions for Peace, Lindau am Bodensee, 20. August 2019. … [more]

Christianity and Judaism: a heightened friendship challenged by the return of anti-Semitism and ignorance

Lisa Palmieri-Billig* | 02.07.2019

In recent months, a series of events in Rome highlighted the excellent state of Jewish-Christian relations today, leading many representatives on both sides to exclaim that they have never been so good before. … [more]


«Просто помните меня…»

Юрий Табак | 01.07.2019

Маркусу Вайсфельду исполнилось 6 лет, когда немцы оккупировали Бельгию. Он был одним из пяти детей в хасидской семье польского происхождения – Шломо Вайсфельда, торговца ювелирными изделиями, и его жены Хинде. Они пытались вырваться из Бельгии, через Францию, в нейтральную Швейцарию. Им это удалось. … [more]

Rabbi Dr. Michael A. Signer (1945-2009)

| 01.05.2019

Ten Years ago on January 10, 2009, Rabbi Michael Signer, one of the most outstanding figures of Jewish-Christian relations of recent times, died after a long battle against cancer. He was as one of the four authors of the groundbreaking 2000 statement Dabru Emet, subtitled “A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity”. In memory of his person and his work, the following biographical sketch is published.*[more]

"I am Joseph, Your Brother"

| 01.05.2019

A documentary film (59 min.) from 2001, which follows the dramatic changes in the relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people over the past half century. … [more]


¿Cómo se ven los cristianos a sí mismos en su nueva relación con los judíos?

Rev. Michael Ipgrave, OBE | 01.09.2019

En esta presentación, me centraré en la autopercepción cristiana a la luz de nuestra nueva relación con los judíos, y no en la autopercepción del pueblo judío; tampoco describiré las características concretas de esa nueva relación. Como tengo el honor de presidir el Consejo de Cristianos y Judíos del Reino Unido, hablaré en mi condición de obispo de la Iglesia de Inglaterra, es decir, desde una perspectiva específicamente cristiana (y anglicana), antes que desde la perspectiva de las relaciones cristiano-judías en sí mismas. … [more]

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Трансформация раннехристианских представлений об иудаизме (на основе анализа христианской полемической литературы II–III вв. и ее историко–культурного контекста)

... [more]