New texts:


- S. Wesley Ariarajah: Reorienting Jewish-Christian Relations and Dialogue. Article
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Transforming “Divine Mystery” into “faith and reason”. Article
- JCR: Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI on Supersessionism and Covenant. Report
- JCR: Against Hatred of Jews Worldwide: Formation of a New Scholarly Society to Study Antisemitism. Report
- Nike Snijders: A Tale of Two Cities: Jewish-Christian Dialogue in Budapest and Kecskemét. Report
- World Council of Churches: WCC invites participation in World Week of Peace in Palestine and Israel. Report

JULY 2018:

- Tatha Wiley: Christianity’s Original Sin? Article
- Casey Strine: What the Bible’s Romans 13 says about asylum – and what Jeff Sessions omitted. Article
- Marcus Braybrooke: Naming, Growing, and Collaborating. Article
- Conference of European Rabbis: EU leader tells Europe’s Jews: “I will always be there for you”. Report
- Conference of European Rabbis: “Dialogue Prize of Swiss Jews” awarded to the rabbi Noam Hertig und imam Muris Begovic. Report
- The Council of Christians and Jews: Statement on the intended Canonisation of Pope Paul VI. Report
- David H. Price: Protestantism’s "Gretchenfrage": What to Do With Martin Luther and the Jews. Book review

JUNE 2018:

- Helene Egnell: Feminism as Meeting Point Article
- Ron Kronish: Rabbi Michael Melchior and his Religious Peace Initiative Article
- Daniel Rosenberg: Song of Songs. Book review

Transforming “Divine Mystery” into “faith and reason”.

Lisa Palmieri-Billig* | 02.09.2018

Benedict XVI on Catholic-Jewish relations-reactions. ... [more]

Reorienting Jewish-Christian Relations and Dialogue

S. Wesley Ariarajah* | 02.09.2018

It is very appropriate that we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate – the “Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions” promulgated towards the end of the Second Vatican Council. By any measure, this was a landmark declaration that officially put the Roman Catholic relations to people of other religious traditions on a firm new footing. ... [more]


El rabino Michael Melchior y su iniciativa de paz religiosa

Ron Kronish | 01.09.2018

El rabino Michael Melchior es sin duda alguna el dirigente de construcción de la paz más importante de Israel. Durante muchos años, ha reunido a líderes religiosos de Israel y de la región, y también internacionales, y recientemente ha podido comprobar la existencia de resultados significativos y muchos progresos positivos. … [more]

What the Bible’s Romans 13 says about asylum – and what Jeff Sessions omitted

Casey Strine* | 01.07.2018

The US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, kicked up a storm when he invoked a line from the Bible to defend the Trump administration’s policy of separating thousands of parents and children during immigration investigations. … [more]

Naming, Growing, and Collaborating

Marcus Braybrooke* | 01.07.2018

What’s in a name? In June, the Three Faiths Forum, founded 21 years ago in the UK, is changing its name to the Faith & Belief Forum. This reflects the way its work has expanded to include people of all faiths and beliefs, both religious and non-religious. Increasingly, the original name was seen as exclusive, and for a time the difficulty was evaded by using the initials ‘3FF.’ … [more]


„Angst überwinden – Brücken bauen“

Nikolaus Schneider | 01.06.2018

Festrede zur Schlussversammlung der Woche der Brüderlichkeit 2018 von Dr. Nikolaus Schneider, Präses a. D. der EKD, am Sonntag, 18. März 2018 um 17.00 Uhr im Goldenen Saal des Rathauses der Stadt Augsburg.[more]

Jerusalem, die Heilige

Simone Paganini* | 01.06.2018

"Warum sollten die Araber Frieden machen? Wenn ich ein arabischer Anführer wäre, ich würde mich niemals mit Israel einigen. Das ist klar: wir haben ihr Land genommen. Sicher, Gott hat es uns versprochen, aber was kümmert das sie? Unser Gott ist nicht der ihrige. Wir kommen aus Israel, aber das ist zweitausend Jahre her, und was schert das sie?"[1][more]

On This Passover We Ask: Are We Truly Free?

Ron Kronish | 02.04.2018

One of the most famous passages of the Passover seder is called “Ha Lachma Anya — This is the bread of affliction.” It is sometimes referred to as the “invocation.” It is the moment when the leader of the seder welcomes all the guests at the seder, especially those who are in need, and invites them to celebrate Passover with everyone at the table. It is recited and sung in Aramaic, so unless one pays attention to the translation, one can miss the importance of the passage. … [more]


Об иудейских корнях Иисусовой молитвы (К феноменологии Иисусовой молитвы)

Андрей Берман | 01.09.2018


Se souvenir de l’Alliance: le judaïsme dans une théologie anglicane des relations interreligieuses

Comment une théologie anglicane des relations interreligieuses conçoit-t-elle le caractère distinctif des relations entre chrétiens et juifs? Selon l’auteur, elle est dans l’ensemble passée de l’affirmation d’un «caractère distinctif exceptionnel» à la reconnaissance d’un «caractère distinctif paradigmatique», voyant dans le judaïsme un sacrement de toute altérité, que l’Église a besoin de rencontrer sans cesse. ... [more]