New texts:


- Alan Berger: New Clothing, Old Hatred: Changes and Transformations of Antisemitism. Article
- Ron Kronish: Can the Descendants of Isaac and Ishmael learn to live together? Article
- Church of England: Church of England teaching document calls for repentance over role of Christians in centuries of antisemitism. Report
- Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ): CCJ Statement on ‘God’s Unfailing Word’. Report
- Board of Deputies of British Jews:Board of Deputies of British Jews launches updated Jewish Manifesto ahead of General Election. Report
- JCR: Germany: Hetty Berg Named New Director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Report
- Church of England: God’s Unfailing Word. Theological and Practical Perspectives on Christian–Jewish Relations. Statement


- Daniel J. Lasker: My Uncle, Rabbi Herman Hailperin, of Tree of Life Congregation: American Jewry in Mid-Twentieth Century and Now Article
- Raphael Jospe: Mysteries of Judaism. Review essay
- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Catholic Jewish Relations in Pescara: a dream linking the past to the future. Article
- JCR: Antisemitic Attack in Halle, Germany. Report
- Robin Gomes: Jews, Christians, and Muslims: No to Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.Report
- Ahmed Shaheed:Report of the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief. Report


- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue as a Mission. Article
- Rabbi Ute Steyer: From Apologetics to Self-confidence. A New Form of Interreligious Dialogue. Article
- Sant'Egidio: Peace with no borders. Religions and Cultures in Dialogue. Report
- Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council: Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council’s General Assembly in Matera, Italy. Report
- ICCJ: ICCJ Statement on the Global Ecological Crisis. Statement
- Gary Gilberg: The Gospel of Luke. Book review

«Nouveaux habits, même vieille haine – Changements et transformations de l’antisémitisme»

Dr Alan Berger* | 01.12.2019

L’histoire confirme la persistance de l’antisémitisme, qui franchit les frontières, traverse le temps et change de forme. D’où la nécessité d’être créatifs dans la lutte pour la dignité de la personne et contre la normalisation de la haine. ... [more]

New Clothing, Old Hatred: Changes and Transformations of Antisemitism

Alan Berger | 01.12.2019

Lecture given at the 2019 ICCJ International Conference, Lund, Sweden. ... [more]


Can the Descendants of Isaac and Ishmael learn to live together?

Ron Kronish | 01.12.2019

In recent weeks, in synagogue we have read the stories of the birth of Ishmael—a son of Abraham– who becomes the father of the Muslim people—and that of Isaac, another son of Abraham, who becomes one of the patriarchs of the Jewish People—in chapters 21 and 22 of Genesis, as part of the Torah portion known as “Vayeire”. … [more]

My Uncle, Rabbi Herman Hailperin, of Tree of Life Congregation: American Jewry in Mid-Twentieth Century and Now

Daniel J. Lasker* | 02.11.2019

On the occasion of the anniversary of the murderous attack a year ago on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daniel J. Lasker, Professor Emeritus of Jewish Thought at Ben Gurion University, wrote the following article on his uncle, Rabbi Dr. Herman Hailperin, who many years ago served as rabbi of that congregation for 49 years.[more]

Catholic Jewish Relations in Pescara: a dream linking the past to the future

Lisa Palmieri-Billig* | 01.11.2019

The European Day of Dialogue for Judaism observed this year in 88 Italian cities, in 15 regions all over the country had as its theme “Dreams: A ladder to heaven”, based on Jacob’s dream, in Genesis, of a ladder connecting heaven to earth, man to God, with angels walking up and down its steps … [more]


Das große Schweigen.

Manfred Gailus | 01.11.2019

Wie sich die Kirchen verhielten, als im November 1938 die Synagogen brannten. … [more]

«Просто помните меня…»

Юрий Табак | 01.07.2019

Маркусу Вайсфельду исполнилось 6 лет, когда немцы оккупировали Бельгию. Он был одним из пяти детей в хасидской семье польского происхождения – Шломо Вайсфельда, торговца ювелирными изделиями, и его жены Хинде. Они пытались вырваться из Бельгии, через Францию, в нейтральную Швейцарию. Им это удалось. … [more]

Rabbi Dr. Michael A. Signer (1945-2009)

| 01.05.2019

Ten Years ago on January 10, 2009, Rabbi Michael Signer, one of the most outstanding figures of Jewish-Christian relations of recent times, died after a long battle against cancer. He was as one of the four authors of the groundbreaking 2000 statement Dabru Emet, subtitled “A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity”. In memory of his person and his work, the following biographical sketch is published.*[more]


Die tiefreichenden Wurzeln des (europäischen) Antisemitismus

Maximilian Gottschlich* | 01.12.2019

Vor dem Hintergrund der viel beachteten österreichischen "Antisemitismus-Studie 2018", die vom Präsidenten des österreichischen Nationalrates Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) veranlasst wurde, ist der nachfolgende, längere Text "Die tiefreichenden Wurzeln des (europäischen) Antisemitismus" aus der Feder des österreichischen Politik- und Kommunikationswissenschaftlers Maximilian Gottschlich entstanden. Angefertigt wurde Gottschlichs Analyse ebenfalls im Auftrag des Präsidenten des österreichischen Nationalrats und dient als Teil einer theoretischen Aufarbeitung des Problems, um zugleich auch die präsentierten empirischen Ergebnisse der "Antisemitismus-Studie 2018" besser einordnen zu können. Gottschlichs Studie, die auf religionspsychologische, psychopathologische und psychosoziale Ursachen des Antisemitismus eingeht, erscheint hier mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Autors.
JCR … [more]

Еврейская самоцензура в Европе в Средние Века и в раннее Новое время.

... [more]