New texts:

MAY 2020:

- Reuven Firestone: Why Jews Don't Proselytize Article
- Zaina-Sophie Salibi: Pope Pius XII’s Refusal to Publicly Condemn the Holocaust. Article
- Jean Duhaime: 41st Christian Commemoration of the Shoah by the Christian Jewish Dialogue of Montreal. Report
- JCR: Religious leaders in Israel prayed together for salvation from the pandemic. Report
- Liliane Apotheker: ICCJ Consultation "Many Meanings of Mission".Report

APRIL 2020:

- Samuel L. Boyd: Religious communities in times of coronavirus. Article
- Ron Kronish: Shalom in the Era of the Coronavirus Crisis. Article
- Robyn J. Whitaker: Pray, but stay away: holding on to faith in the time of coronavirus. Article
- Sami El-Yousef: In time of Coronavirus - Reflections from the Holy Land. Article
- Lisa Palmieri Billig: About the Opening of Pius XII Archives. Article
- ICCJ: COVID-19 - Common Enemy of Humankind. Report
- Religions for Peace/ACT Alliance: Urgent Action Needed to Prevent COVID-19. A Joint Statement. Statements

MARCH 2020:

- Raphael Jospe: The New Anti-Zionism and the Old Anti-Semitism: Transformations. Article
- Jonathan D. Sarna: What is a bar mitzvah? Article
- European Jewish Congress: r. Moshe Kantor bestows Golden Vision award on Pope Francis. Report
- JCR: Cardinal Bea Centre Scholarships. Report
- Matthew LaGrone:Levinas and the Torah. Book review

Antijüdische Verschwörungsmythen in religiösen Diskursen

Martin Kloke* | 02.05.2020

Genese, Verbreitung und Therapiechancen eines kollektiven Ressentiments. ... [more]

„Das Gesetz: es zügelt uns und macht uns frei“

Walter Homolka | 02.05.2020

Der Rektor des Abraham Geiger Kollegs, Rabbiner Prof. Walter Homolka, hat im Rahmen der Fastenpredigtreihe 2020 „DEMUT – Was zügelt uns?“ am 8. März 2020 im Dom zu Berlin eine Predigt zu „Das Gesetz: Es zügelt uns und macht uns frei. 5. Buch Mose, 4“ gehalten. Nachfolgend der zugrunde liegende Evangeliums- und Predigttext sowie die Predigt von Rabbiner Homolka. ... [more]


Shalom en la era de la crisis del coronavirus

Ron Kronish | 01.05.2020

En los diez últimos días, fui a caminar varias veces con algunos miembros de mi familia (manteniendo la “distancia social” apropiada de 2 metros) por el “Bosque de la Paz” (Ya’ar Hashalom) debajo del barrio de Abu Tor en Jerusalén. Pero ahora me veré forzado a renunciar a esos paseos, porque dirigirme en auto a más de 100 metros de mi casa estará prohibido por las autoridades. … [more]

Erinnern in der dritten und vierten Generation

Holger Banse* | 02.04.2020



Religious communities in times of coronavirus

Samuel L. Boyd* | 01.04.2020

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing entire countries to rethink deeply-held social norms. Faith leaders are coming up with new ways to reach their communities, with many turning to online platforms to perform rituals. … [more]

Pray, but stay away: holding on to faith in the time of coronavirus

Robyn J. Whitaker* | 01.04.2020

Plagues of global proportions might seem biblical, but coronavirus is creating new challenges for faith leaders. Last week in Australia, many churches, mosques and synagogues decided proactively to cancel their normal worship services. These were not easy decisions for groups for whom being a gathered community is central to their identity and practice. … [more]

What is a bar mitzvah?

Jonathan D. Sarna* | 01.03.2020

It is a common scene on many a Saturday morning in cities and towns across the United States to see seventh- and eighth-grade boys and girls, a few not Jewish at all, gather in synagogues and temples to watch a classmate’s bar mitzvah. … [more]


Why Jews Don't Proselytize

Reuven Firestone | 01.05.2020

The ancestors of the biblical Israelites, like all the other communities of the ancient Near East, were idol worshippers. We know quite a bit about their religion from the great number of archaeological finds, including writings, that have been unearthed in what are today’s Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq. It appears that all the peoples of the ancient Near East practiced essentially the same religion. … [more]

Le refus du pape Pie XII de condamner publiquement l’Holocauste

Zaina-Sophie Salibi | 01.05.2020

En 2007, le processus de béatification du pape Pie XII a suscité des objections de la part de dirigeants juifs et catholiques. Le point de discorde était la controverse autour du silence public du pape sur l’Holocauste aussi bien durant qu’après la Seconde Guerre mondiale. … [more]

Pope Pius XII’s Refusal to Publicly Condemn the Holocaust

In 2007, the beatification process of Pope Pius XII was met with protests by Jewish and Catholic leaders alike. The point of contention was the controversy over the Pope’s public silence on the Holocaust both during and after the Second World War. ... [more]