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- Lisa Palmieri-Billig: Behind the Scenes: Vatican Meetings on the Theology of Jewish-Christian Relations. Article
- Abraham Skorka: What my friendship with Pope Francis taught me about interfaith dialogue. Article
- Ron Kronish: Challenges Facing Jews and Muslims in America and Israel. Article
- United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Holy Land 2019 Coordination Communiqué: Christians in Israel – Challenges and Opportunities. Report
- JCR: Pope Francis: Preface to "La Bibbia dell'Amicizia". Report
- Bishops of Holy Land Coordination release statement after their visit to Israel and Palestine. Statement
- Kristoff Kerl: Deciphering the New Antisemitism. Book review


- Kenneth P. Kramer: Martin Buber’s Sweet Sacrament of Dialogue. Article
- Rebecca Denova: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels. Article
- Shmuel Szteinhendler: Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Confraternidad Judeo-Cristiana del Uruguay.Report
- World Council of Churches: ‘Respect for the other’ lies at the heart of peace education, say panelists at UN debate.Report
- Jessica Marglin: A History of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Middle East. Book review


- Michaël de Saint-Chéron: Elie Wiesel as Theologian. Article
- Anette Adelmann: ICCJ 2019 Conference: Transformations Within and Between. Report
- Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Canadian Rabbinic Caucus hold biannual dialogue meeting in Ottawa. Report
- Delegations of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews: The Dignity of the Human Being. Children in Jewish and Catholic Teaching. Statement
- Ruth Sandberg: The Blessing of Difference in Jewish-Christian Dialogue. Book review

Lecture juive du Cantique des cantiques

David Bensoussan | 02.02.2019

Comment le Cantique des cantiques, un ouvrage qui évoque des paysages pastoraux, des vergers, des fragrances, des gazelles gambadant sur les collines et des discours amoureux et passionnés, est-il devenu un livre saint, canonisé dans les Écritures hébraïques? C’est principalement, selon l’auteur, grâce à ses multiples possibilités d’interprétation et à son thème central, la délivrance messianique. ... [more]

L’interprétation du Cantique des Cantiques dans La Bible de Jérusalem

Jean Duhaime, Université de Montréal[1] | 02.02.2019

La Bible de Jérusalem a connu plusieurs éditions depuis le milieu du 20e s. La traduction du Cantique des cantiques y demeure essentiellement la même; mais elle est comprise d’abord selon une interprétation prophétique (1951), puis anthropologique (1973) et enfin messianique (1998). ... [more]


Rabbin Skorka : Ce que mon amitié avec le Pape François m’a appris sur le dialogue interreligieux

Abraham Skorka | 01.02.2019

En février, je participerai avec mon ami le Pape François à une «Conférence mondiale sur la fraternité humaine» organisée par les Emirats arabes unis à Abu Dhabi. Elle cherche un cadre commun de coopération entre les dirigeants religieux pour parvenir à la paix et à la solidarité humaine. … [more]

Behind the Scenes: Vatican Meetings on the Theology of Jewish-Christian Relations

Lisa Palmieri-Billig* | 01.02.2019

It has often been noted by those engaged in the Catholic-Jewish dialogue that the most precious outcome of the conciliation process begun after the promulgation in 1965 of the Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate, 4 has been the enduring personal friendships between members and representatives of the two faiths and the consequent increase in mutual understanding and breakdown of historically determined preconceptions. In other words, the building of mutual trust and familiarity with the other’s beliefs and traditions, is greatly boosted by the personal encounter. … [more]

Challenges Facing Jews and Muslims in America and Israel

Ron Kronish | 01.02.2019

I recently conducted a public dialogue with my friend and colleague Professor Mehnaz Afridi, an American Muslim woman of Pakistani origin, who teaches at a Catholic college —Manhattan College—in a Jewish neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City. The dialogue took place at Conservative Synagogue Adat Israel Riverdale in the Bronx. … [more]


Der katholisch-jüdische Dialog als fortwährender Prozess

Verena Lenzen | 01.02.2019

Die Konzilserklärung Nostra Aetate brachte 1965 die kopernikanische Wende im Verhältnis der katholischen Kirche zum Judentum. … [more]

The Life of Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels

Rebecca Denova* | 31.12.2018

The only sources for the life of Jesus of Nazareth are in the canonical gospels (or the gospels that were included in the authorised version of the New Testament). We have no contemporary, eyewitness testimony from the time that he lived and preached in Israel. … [more]

Die antisemitische Boykottkampagne gegen Israel - Inhalte, Ziele, Gegenstrategien

American Jewish Committee (AJC) | 31.12.2018

Seit dem Jahr 2005 macht die BDS-Kampagne (BDS: Boykott, Desinvestitionen, Sanktionen) vor allem im angloamerikanischen Raum auf sich aufmerksam. Auch in Deutschland versuchen seit einigen Jahren Aktivisten unter dem Label „BDS“ den wirtschaftlichen, politischen und kulturellen Beziehungen zu Israel zu schaden. Ihr Hauptziel ist es, Israel politisch, ökonomisch und kulturell zu isolieren. … [more]


¿Hasta qué punto está prometida la Tierra Prometida?

David M. Neuhaus S.J. | 01.02.2019

A la luz del actual conflicto en Israel/Palestina, se les pregunta a menudo a los cristianos qué tiene para decir su fe sobre la Tierra bíblica y sobre el hecho de que esté prometida por Dios.[1][more]

What my friendship with Pope Francis taught me about interfaith dialogue

This February, I will be a participant with my friend Pope Francis at a “Global Conference on Human Fraternity” hosted by the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. It seeks a common framework of cooperation among religious leaders to achieve peace and human solidarity. ... [more]